Ways to Work Witchcraft into Your Child’s Daily Routine

Paganism has been growing steadily in popularity, with the Census reporting that Wicca, the largest pagan religion in the United States, grew by almost 20% from 2007-2012. The appeal of paganism to younger generations may be due to its focus on personal and spiritual growth, meaning that many young pagans are now bringing their beliefs into their homes and parenting styles. If your child is interested in witchcraft, consider adding these ways to work it into their daily routine.

Keep an Athame in the Home

An Athame is a handled dagger that often features a silver blade. The Athame represents the element of fire and can be used for casting spells. It can also be used for more practical reasons, such as carving candles or sharpening pencils. Some parents use an Athame in their child’s home to teach them about witchcraft and the role it plays in their lives.

Others do not want children anywhere near something so sharp, especially if they have younger siblings. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your family what you would like to do with your Athame.

If you feel comfortable using one in your home, then by all means go ahead. If not, don’t fret. There are plenty of other ways to work witchcraft into your child’s daily routine!

Wear Handmade Magical Witchcraft Jewelry

Pagan children can practice witchcraft in their daily routines by wearing handmade magical jewelry. The piece of jewelry they wear should be appropriate for the child and represent their faith. It can also be an item that has been a family heirloom or passed down through generations.

If your child can’t take care of the jewelry, put it in a small container for decoration. Fill it with colorful stones, flowers, feathers and crystals. Help your child identify each object in the container when they come across it during their daily activities so they know what it represents.

Once they are older, have them choose one object from the container per day to use during ritual practices. This will allow them to experience different aspects of paganism without overwhelming them at once.

Let Them Choose Their Own Path

Although it can be daunting to let your child choose their own path, it allows them to find the best direction for themselves. Encourage them and let them know you’re proud of them, even if they don’t succeed.

Give them space to explore and grow, while always telling them you are behind them all the way. Letting go can be scary but it is worth it when we see our little ones grow up knowing they’ve been encouraged along the entire journey.

Take Them Outside at Night

One way to work witchcraft into your child’s daily routine is by taking them outside at night. Kids need time away from the artificial light of their homes and televisions, whether for a walk, a nighttime stroll, or some star gazing. This will help them learn more about the world around them, plus it will make for some great conversation!

Just remember to dress appropriately with weather conditions in mind. When it comes down to it, children can practice witchraft any time they want; they just need an opportunity to explore.

Invite In Nature Spirits through Witchcraft

Inviting nature spirits can help your kids reconnect with the natural world around them. Take your child on a walk in nature to see plants, animals, and invite nature’s spirits. Give the spirit a small gift, such as a flower, and tell them you have invited the spirit of that flower into your public life.

Similar things can be done at home, with plenty of windows for sunlight and fresh air, as well as flowers to enjoy while reading or doing homework. You can also add a map of the stars visible from their bed, so they can learn about the constellations.

Have A Family Ritual Witchcraft Practice At Home

There are many ways to work witchcraft into your child’s daily routine. One way is by having a family ritual practice at home. Get together with your spouse and children, light a candle, and go around the house saying something you’re grateful for. Another option is sitting down as a family before dinner and performing some sort of blessing over the food.

You could also try doing a short meditation as part of their bedtime routine. Another way is to get a tarot deck and let your child ask three questions about themselves each day before bedtime – this will give them insight on how these rituals can help guide decisions that are important for their future growth!

Asking them what one good thing happened during their day or asking them to say three things they’re thankful for before bed would also be great choices for rituals.

Craft Together As A Family

Children can practice witchcraft by doing spells, meditating, and using divination tools. One spell you could do with your child is a salt ritual.

The child should place the candle in front of them, sprinkle salt around it in a circle, and recite: “Salt, Earth, Air, Fire burn away all impurities so that I may start anew. My intentions make it so.” Finally, they blow out the candle.

The result? A cleansed space to reflect on what they want from their life.

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