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Join Our Magical Mission: A Transparent Journey to Enriching Education

Greetings, Enchanted Learners and Guiding Spirits,

At Pagan Homeschoolers, we’re dedicated to creating a haven of learning that resonates with our shared values—where education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but also about nurturing wisdom, connection, and a deep reverence for the natural world.

Our Current Quest and How You Can Help

To enhance our educational offerings and make learning even more accessible and enriching for our community, we have outlined several key milestones. Achieving these will allow us to add new features, improve existing ones, and ensure our platform remains a vibrant, supportive space for families.

Family Accounts and Multi-Student Discounts

Goal: To introduce family accounts and offer discounts for families with multiple students, making our courses more accessible.
Target: 150 Registered Students
Benefits: Simplifies management for parents, encourages group learning, and makes our curriculum more affordable for larger families.

Custom Course Completion Certificates

Goal: To design and issue custom certificates for course completion, adding a personal touch to each student’s achievement.
Target: 250 Registered Students
Benefits: Celebrates students’ accomplishments and provides a tangible record of their educational journey.

Built-In Discussion Board

Goal: To maintain an interactive platform where students and families can connect, discuss, and grow together.
Target: 400 Registered Students
Benefits: Fosters a sense of community, encourages engagement, and enhances the learning experience through shared insights and support.

In 3 Months: We aim to secure enough funding through subscriptions to introduce family accounts and multi-student discounts.
In 6 Months: Our goal is to add custom course completion certificates, add and ensure the ongoing availability of our built-in discussion board.
In 12 Months: We hope to expand our course offerings, adding at least 6 new courses, and begin laying the groundwork for incorporating custom videos into our lessons.

How You Can Contribute

By subscribing to our special introductory offer—FREE for the first month and $2.95 thereafter—you’re not just unlocking a world of learning for your child; you’re actively supporting these goals and helping us create a richer, more engaging educational experience for all our students.

Your journey with us is more than a subscription; it’s a partnership in creating a space where education is magical, accessible, and deeply connected to our values.

Let’s Grow Together

Every step we take towards these milestones is a step towards enriching our children’s education. With your support, we can make Pagan Homeschoolers an even more magical place for learning, exploration, and community.

Thank you for considering joining us on this enchanted quest.


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Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive education while respecting your family’s spiritual practices and beliefs. Our Plant Kingdom & Anatomy course covers topics such as photosynthesis, plant anatomy, and plant diversity, while our Environmental Science course provides a survey of different scientific disciplines, including the scientific method, the nature of matter, and energy. You can view our Course Catalog to see the breakdown of subjects in each course.

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